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Artist Bio:

A Mississippi artist was given her grandmother’s name: Ida Mae. She is known for her detailed style and the way she chronicles each stage of her life through the arts. She signs her name Ida Mae, but above all she leaves her signature mark making in each material to show the process and execution of materials explored.


For 8 years, Ida Mae served in the Army. She knew that her creative spirit could flourish as a photojournalist. She used a keen eye to document the Soldiers in war and rigorous training. In training she captured angles that showed the essence of her subject. It could be seen that her love for lighting and composition was captured in each image. In Ida Mae's studio, her social projects range from exploring the humble origins of small farms, minimal living and history of women in the armed forces. Each work is a commentary on historic documentation of a person or a suggestion of the social group. The ephemeral photography is a major part of her creative process. Although the subject matter of her portfolio changes, the traditional formal elements remain to be seen in each work.

Today, Ida Mae contributes to the Charlotte art community through the local Charlotte Art League. She also supports local creative industries through her work as professional photographer and co-founder of the Charlotte Plein Air Painters.


Artist Bio:

Medina da Silva is a self taught Artist born in the Island of Terceira in the Archipelago of the Azores, Portugal.


Raised in the Azores and in Boston Massachusetts, Medina da Silva soon developed a taste for the arts, drawing geometric forms and painting abstracts while he was a student in Peabody Massachusetts.


In the 1970`s Medina da Silva studied photography in Salem, Massachusetts under the supervision of Fine Art Photographer Andrew Xenios and has been photographing since then.


In the 1980`s video became an obsession and a form of expression for Medina da Silva in the span of nine years many documentaries and series were produced in the Portuguese language for Adams and Russell, and Time Warner cable systems for the Gloucester, Peabody, Somerville and Cambridge MA. Portuguese communities.


Medina da Silva has been engaged in various shows and presentations throughout North

Carolina. Massachusetts and the Azores.


Most recent in the Carolinas

Hart Witzen Gallery, November 2019

South End Arts, October 2019

Rotunda Rock Hill, July 2018

Mint Hill Arts Council, June 2018.

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