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Gallery 120 features new artists each month.   


Mari Matamoros



Born in Venezuela, raised among a multitalented family that merged from all areas of the arts such as architecture, fine arts, music, preforming arts, television, and movie production including generations of self-made craftsmen and craftswomen.  Graduated from the N.A.I.S institute of Interior Design in Caracas, Venezuela. Then an Undergraduate of Fine Arts at Siena Heights University in Adrian, Michigan, with a concentration in sculpture and strength on hand building ceramic medium and a minor in early education Montessori. 

​            After a short 3 year stay back in Venezuela where had the pleasure of working with clay in company of many Artists and family as well, decided to come back to the USA due to the constant riots and unsafe environment. Life then twisted the passion into drawing and painting while living in Richmond, Virginia where was part of the "HOWL DOG Collective”.  Under the teachings of Professor Wolfgang Jasper, became attracted to drawing large charcoals. While in Richmond, had the pleasure to show at the Artspace Skylight Gallery in 1999.

Moved to Orlando Florida in 2000 where used all the talent experimenting with new things.  Got trained at The Faux Finish International Company were acquired licensing of their high-end architectural products. Opened a Faux Finishing Company which in blend with the Interior Design Skills, dedicated to assisting people decorating their homes in their very own unique way.  In 2008 business related to homes improvements took a tool and with work cut in half decided to go back to school.  In need of bettering business skills, acquired a bachelor’s in Business Administrations with a concentration in E-Commerce in November of 2011 from Strayer University.  

Life took a turn forcing a move due to Husband's work relocation in 2012. Now resident of Clover South Carolina, serving as the Curator for Gallery120, working on finding the groove while teaching fun classes to adults and young adults. Also still making Art on commission, pursuing to start a store online, all while still working as a consultant and High-End finisher to those what love to have something unique on their homes. 


Artist Statement:

Mixing from a variety of mediums and creating new things is what I strive for. As an artist who believes in everyone being different, I try to customize my art creations and original ideas to the client's very own unique ways and needs. On my original drawings, paintings, and sculptures, I try to portray originality, uniqueness, and a sense of honesty.


Previous Work

1988 April - Pipo's, series "Heads" Clay body of work

1999 July - Artspace Skylight Gallery, Body at Large collection with Howl Dog Collective

1992-present multiple Arts on commission now owned by numerous collectors

2001-2010 Mari Creations Faux Finishing and High-End finishes

2019 October - Gallery120, "Lost in Translation" collection shared two other Artist’s collections

2021 July - Gallery120, “Experimentation " Ongoing