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Gallery 120 features new artists each month.   


Anne Stagg


Anne Stagg is an artist and educator living and working in Tallahassee, Florida. Her abstract paintings move along the thread of her experience as she explores systems within systems, and in particular, the false promises they offer. She states, “Systems are manifest in every aspect of our lives, but they are never perfect. There is always something a little bit off. They are elaborate constructions that provide comfort but often ultimately fail.” She is interested in the moments that precede failure: when the promise it still present but the veil begins to lift and there is an awareness that something is not quite right. Color and pattern are touchstones in her work, and she paints on canvas and felt constructions.


Anne Stagg is an Assistant Professor at The Florida State University where she serves as co-director of the Foundations Program in the Department of Art. She is a co-host for The Open Call Podcast which features in-depth conversations with contemporary artists. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and she is the recipient of several grants and fellowships.


Jacqueline Ramey



Jacqueline Ramey is an artist whose work reflects an inward personal journey through mythological archetype and symbols. Originally from Ohio and currently residing in Gastonia, North Carolina, she has earned a BFA degree from UNC with a concentration in painting. As a painter Jacqueline Ramey works in a variety of media including oils, acrylic, watercolor as well as painting on silk scarves. She was previously awarded an Emerging Regional Artist’s Grant as well as an Arts in Education Grant. She has been featured in the newspaper for her artwork which included a church mural project as well as a public art installation, Chairs on Parade initiated by the McColl Center of Charlotte. Currently employed by Gaston County Schools as an elementary art teacher, Ms. Ramey recently has been exploring adding sculptural components to her paintings which include mask forms as well as creating silk hanging installations.



Coming from a creative family, I identified very early in my childhood with artistic expression and subsequently majored in art in college. Most of my professors were influenced by the Abstract Expressionists. Upon graduation I found myself conflicted in portraying expressions of the exterior world of Naturalistic Realism and the imaginative expression of my inward personal world and spiritual journey. I chose the latter. Much of my iconography comes through dream imagery and my meditations. I paint where I am led to spiritually making the unseen world visible.

Phone: 704.616.7484