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Artist Biography:

Painting with Friends (PWF) is a varied group of local artists, including beginners, hobbyists, and professionals. They work with various media - sketching, watercolors, acrylics, oils, collages, jewelry making, tile painting and mixed media. They meet each Wednesday (except on the Catawba River Art Guide meeting date to which the participants belong) to work on their individual art projects, to receive advice and support on their projects and especially to socialize with like minds 

Artist Statement:

Painting with Friends exists to encourage, support and enjoy one another as artists and friends.

Artist Displayed:

Mary Harris

Mary Brown 

Laney Caspio

Phiddy Webb

Miriam Irwin 

Shelby Wood

Shelby Sabelli

Nancy Vinson

Arlene Calvert

Pat Godlewski

Shelia McCorkle

Barbara Connor

Cathy Anderson
Kathleen McDermott

Constance Buchanan


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