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"I live in Charlotte with my husband of 40+ years. I am both proud and rather surprised to say that my art pieces can be found in homes throughout the US, and Europe."

Being creative has always been a part of my life. I grew up on a 100-acre farm in upstate NY born to a father who was a commercial artist and a mother, sculptor. I am able to combine my love of animals and the beauty of the natural me both resources and inspiration for a lifetime of painting. Different mediums, subjects, places, people, and events continually shape me as an artist and give me inspiration. My goal is to communicate with the viewer the joy I see around me. Besides the gran views, I also like to look closer at my subjects and paint what others may not see. The colors and shadows of nature are a continual draw to me endeavoring to show the immediacy of the moment. Listening to each painting to understand what should or should not be included is a lifelong endeavor. 


James Swanson

Tim Cunningham

Nancy Couick Studio

Siena College, BS Marketing Management

Nakcikn Dewet Fine Art-Painterly Landscapes

Workshops- Nicholas Wilton, Dylan Pierce, Kim Johnson


Mooresville Satellite Galleries

Karen Saks, Charlotte/Raleigh, NC

Christ Episcopal Church, Charlotte, NC

Gaston County Art Guild, Daniel Stowe

Charlotte County Day Art Pop-up Show

Charlotte Art Guild Summer Juried Show

Beyond Poems & Paintings, Mooresville, Arts

Charles Mack Citizens Center, Mooresville, NC



Swedish born, American raised, started with crayons & pencils at age 5 and was somewhat gifted, but dropped all painting at the age of 8 with my first attempt at oil meeting a critical audience some 68 years ago. Rediscovered painting during COVID when presented with some oils & canvas. Started painting in January 2021, having painted over 30 pieces, evolving along the way as obviously, there is little time for attending schools in Paris or Vienna. 

I am exploring the path not taken had I attended an art academy rather than purse traditional endeavors. Self-taught, going with the advice just start painting. I am inspired by the shapes and colors of the things about me, including the light dancing through stained glass windows, the shadows across floor tiles, or just the flashes across my eyelids as I drift off to sleep. 

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