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Gallery 120 features new artists each month.   


Clover High School

 Art Students

The month of May showcases Clover High School's hard working art students from this school year. AP Art delves into a furthered understanding of creating strong compositions and utilizing effective principles of design. These students have utilized this foundation and explored different stylistic approaches and more conceptual work. Student artists are learning the importance of excellent craftsmanship and refined work in the visual art courses.

Art Students

Trennady Dayley (Grade 11), Moriah Dickey (Grade 11), Natalie Wolnik (Grade 10), Katelyn Norris (Grade 11), Adam Seay (Grade 11), Grace Stinnett (Grade 10), Olivia Mitchell (Grade 11), Lee Marshall (Grade 12), Catherine Wishimerat (Grade 10), Megan DelRe (Grade 12), Theo Walker (Grade 11), Stella Sedillo (Grade 10), Chloe Patterson (Grade 11), Adam Nguyen (Grade 11), Zara Slater (Grade 10), Elizabeth Hutchins (Grade 11), Ashleigh Simmons (Grade 10), Gabby Wilkins (Grade 11), Mikaela Zimora (Grade 11), Paige Neil (Grade 9), Regan Kilburn (Grade 10), Matthew Ledford (Grade 10), Natylie Zollo (Grade 9), kayley Spitzer (Grade 9), Kelsey Kristjanson (Grade 9), Stella Sediel (Grade 10), Rowan Hawkins (Grade 11), Cameron Gregg (Grade 10), Lucas Tidwell (Grade 9).



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