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Congratulations to our "Van Gogh's Chair" Weekly Drawing Challenge Winners!

Gallery 120 is excited to announce the winners of our "Van Gogh's Chair" drawing challenge! We received the most creative and colorful entries again this week, we're excited to announce our winners!

🎨 5-7 years old: Morgan (Age 6)

🎨 8-12 years old: Annam (Age 8)

🎨 18+ years old: Mazhar

Thank you to all who participated! You all did such an amazing job! We hope you had as much fun as we did!

Our newest challenge has already begun, so be sure to check out our "Red Armchair - Picasso" Drawing Challenge here:

Congratulations again to our "Van Gogh's Chair" Drawing Challenge winners!

To learn more about Vincent van Gogh, read our blog article highlighting his life as an artist - complete with a virtual tour of his work by Google Arts & Culture:

The Gallery 120 Team


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