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Easy & Memorable Mother’s Day Crafts You Can Make From Home

We've compiled our list of 8 favorite kids crafts to make Mom feel extra special this Mother's Day!

#1 Fingerprint Butterfly Mug Painting

by The Best Ideas for Kids

Supplies needed:

• Plain white mugs

Enamel Acrylic Paint for Glass or Ceramic Surfaces

Small Paint Brush

Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Sealer

Instructions found at:

#2 Egg Carton Flowers

by The Best Ideas for Kids

Supplies needed:

• Medium Sized Tin Can

Egg Cartons

Popsicle Sticks

Bright Pink Paint

• Blue Paint

• Yellow Paint

Yellow Buttons

Neon Green Pipe Cleaners

Large Yellow Ribbon

Green Paper Filler

Glue Dots

Instructions found at:

#3 Hand Holding Heart Card

by The House That Lars Built

While originally a Valentine's Day Craft, this can easily be adapted for Mother's Day.

Supplies needed:

• Paper (Scrapbook Paper works well)


Hand Template

Heart Template

• Bone Folder or Scoring Device

• Red Acrylic Paint

Instructions found at:

#4 Nature Cards

by Mother Natured

Supplies needed:

• Scissors

Nature (flowers, leaves, etc)

Glue Stick

Sticky Tape

• Craft Knife (for parents)

• Heart Hole Punch

• Printable Downloads or Draw Your Own

Instructions found at:

#5 Pretty Paper Poppies Craft

by I Heart Crafty Things

Supplies needed:

• Paper Poppies Craft Template

Red, Black, Green, & Light Blue Cardstock

• Herb Scissors

• Scissors

• Extra Strength Glue Stick

Instructions found at:

#6 Celery Stamped Flower Cards

by The Best Ideas for Kids

Supplies needed:

• 1 or 2 Celery Head Bottoms

Pink & Purple Paint

Green Pipe Cleaners

Pink & Purple Ribbon

• Extra Strong White Glue

Instructions found at:

#7 Personalized Tin Can Pencil Holder

by Buggy and Buddy

Supplies needed:

• Empty Tin Can

Acrylic Paint & Paintbrushes

Craft Sponge

Photo of Child Printed on Paper

• Mod Podge

Instructions found at:

#8 Mother's Day Rock Painting

by Rock Painting 101

Supplies needed:

• Smooth Surfaced Rocks

Paint & Paintbrushes OR Paint Pens

Instructions found at:


By: Cindy Murphy, Gallery 120 Advisory Board

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