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HERSTORY: A HISTORY OF WOMEN IN THE MILITARY, Female Veterans Collection by Artist Ida Mae

Updated: Nov 11, 2020


By Ida Mae In the age of abstraction and minimalism, a portrait is utterly contradictory in the contemporary movement as it depictions the life of people today. However, there is a place in contemporary art for historical models of excellence and -for lack of a better term – a throw back art form. A single-headed portrait is not only a reflection of the muse but of our contemporary history.

Social impacts are highlighted through portraiture as they show the niche behaviors of society. Ultimately, a collection of female veteran portrait highlights cultural changes and success of generations who suffered from subjugation. Each portrait reveals a contrast of social changes, changes in military dress, political changes and generational changes.

The female soldier is more than a superbly of a distinguished service member she is a refection of the Social impact of women in our society. The collection of works is a display of triumph over gender binaries and evidence of historical change.

Today, Ida Mae contributes to the Charlotte art community through the local Charlotte

Art League. She also supports local creative industries through her work as professional

photographer and co-founder of the Charlotte Plein Air Painters. To learn more about Ida Mae, visit her biography on our website at



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