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Gallery 120 Summer Drawing Challenge: Windmill of Knock - Pizarro (7/27/20-8/10/20)

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Who's ready to get creative with a new Gallery 120 Art Challenge? 🎨

Simply download the attached PDF to your computer, print it out, get creative with your choice of medium (colored pencils, crayons, watercolors, etc.), take a photo of your finished artwork, and submit it online at by August 10th!

Line Art Drawing by: R. Michael Phillips, Gallery 120 Board Member & Artist

To be entered you must upload your entry to:

1 winner will be picked from each of the following age groups: - 5-7 years old

- 8-12 years old

- 13-17 years old

- 18+

PDF Download:

Gallery 120_Windmill-Of-Knock-Pissarro
Download P • 12.72MB

Winners will be announced on August 11th! Happy creating!

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